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Eric Watts

Eric Watts

Sales Representative

Eric Watts started with us in 2006 to enter credit card receipts for bookkeeping. It became obvious, very quickly, that we had found a diamond in the rough. To test this, we threw one task after another at him to see where he would “top out.”

Eric became our operations manager for several years and has now gone into full time sales, though he still oversees equipment procurement, assists with job estimates, and works to maintain good relationships with our customers. He is the ultimate team player, always looking for ways to improve BCC.

Since he has done every job, from prepping equipment to repairing it, he brings a very practical approach to assisting customers solve their waste and recycling problems.

Eric is best known and loved for his diplomacy skills. We joke that he is able to tell you to go to “H-E-double hockey sticks” in a way that makes you look forward to the trip!
His loyalty, ingenuity, energy and humor make him invaluable.

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Honoring God by conducting business in an honest and respectable manner.


Building relationships with our Customers by providing quality products and exemplary service at a fair price.


Investing in our employees professional and personal lives.


Investing in our community through donations to law enforcement, educational programs, and supporting local business by seeking out local options for purchases.

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