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Compaction Products

Self Contained Compactors

Auger Self-Contained 215 Compactor
DRC II Compactor
Pak’ntainer Compactor
RJ-100SC Series Compactor
RJ-250SC Ultra Compactor
RJ-250SC, RJ-250SC
RJ-88 Series Compactor
Untouchable VIP & VIP FL/3
Vert-I-Pack Vertical Compactor
Stationary Compactors
AST-440 Stationary Auger Compactor
Auger Stationary 220 Compactor
RJ-225 and RJ-225HD Compactors
RJ-225 Ultra Compactor
RJ-275 and RJ-275XHD Compactors
RJ-325 and RJ-325HD Compactors
RJ-450 Compactor
RJ-500 and RJ-500HD Compactors
RJ-500 Compactor
RJ-575HD Compactor
Tank Series Compactors

Compactor Containers

Octagon and OC Ultra Containers


RJ-450 HD/PC and RJ-575 HD/PC

Transfer System Compactors

BlokPak 3000 and M-Series

Apartment Compactors (High-Rise and Apartment Compaction)

Mini-M.A.C. Compactor
RJ-30 High Density Compaction Extruder

Compactor Options

Ozone Odor Control System
Pandora Remote Monitoring System

Heavy Duty Vertical Balers

Heavy Duty Vertical Balers

Solar-Hybrid Compactors

Solar-Hybrid Power Unit

Integral Dumpers, Lifters, Cart Tippers

Standard and Heavy-Duty Cart Dumpers

Recycling Products

Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers

PC-Series Horizontal Baler
TIEger Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers

Manual-Tie Horizontal Balers

Atlas ET Non-Ferrous Horizontal Balers
Closed-End Horizontal Balers
Gemini 3560 and Gemini Xtreme Balers
Side-Eject Horizontal Balers
Stealth Horizontal Baler

Two-Ram Balers

Galaxy 2R Narrow Baler
Galaxy 2R Wide Baler

Recycling Perforators

Eliminator Recycling Perforator

Anaerobic Digestion Systems

SMARTFERM Anaerobic Digestion System

MRF Systems

MRF Systems Brochure
MRF Systems Brochure “Revised”


EZTrax Conveyor Systems
Torxx Kinetic Pulverizer

Vertical Balers

Heavy-Duty Vertical Balers

Cart Dumpers

Standard and Heavy-Duty Cart Dumpers

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