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Baler- A large container made of steel with a hydraulic ram to compress the material loaded. Frequently used for preparing materials for sale to recycling companies.
Compactor- A machine used to reduce the size of waste material by pressing it together.
Configuration types-

  • Ground access
  • Walk-on
  • Secured indoor chute

Dumpster– A mobile garbage bin frequently emptied by a front loading garbage truck.
Roll off– A usually open top rectangular dumpster. It has wheels to facilitate rolling it into place. It is transported by a special roll off truck to be emptied.
Self-Contained Compactor– Compactors designed to prevent the contamination of surrounding area. They are very useful when compacting wet waste.
Stationary Compactor– Compactor designed to handle larger volumes of waste than a self-contained unit.

  • Reduces garbage collection costs
  • Discourages rodents and insects from gathering
  • Prevents loose waste from blowing out of container
  • Controls odor from trash.