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Compactors have the ability to drastically change your work environment. A compactor can lead to changes including increased cleanliness and productivity. It is also a way to demonstrate to your customers that you are making greener choices.

Compactors are used most frequently in commercial, industrial, manufacturing, hospitality and food industry settings. They can be used as recycling tools to get rid of cardboard from shipping and packaging. Waste compaction is also used to compact trash and byproducts. This is more hygienic. Employees and customers will appreciate the ability to reduce or eliminate odors in a surrounding area.

Benefits for the use of compactors:

      • Cost Reduction – When waste is compressed, it’s volume is greatly reduced. (How much it is reduced depends on the type of waste.) As a result, a dumpster or waste disposal area has the ability to hold a much larger amount of waste as the compacted volume of waste decreases. Less volume means lower waste disposal costs. Your monthly budget for waste removal drops!
      • Reduce The Mess – When the volume of your waste is greatly reduced, it leads to a cleaner work area. When dumpsters are overflowing, waste generally has a tendency to either pile up around them or not be taken out at all. This can lead to bad odors, rodents, insects and other undesirable things appearing. For businesses like restaurants and hotels that have a variety of types of waste, including food, a self-contained compactor with odor control can eliminate all of these problems.
      • Convenience – When it comes to using a commercial compactor, you’ll find it quite easy. Very little maintenance needed to ensure a compactor is operating properly. A compactor is essentially an easy way for you and your employees to get rid of waste in a clean and efficient way. Depending on how it is placed, it can lead to an increase in efficiency, productivity, and the overall cleanliness of your workspace.
      • Achieve Your Recycling Goals – Waste comes in different forms, which means compactors can also be effectively used to compact recyclable materials. Typically, recyclable materials have a tendency to build up in the back rooms of businesses waiting for recycling day. This further clutters your workplace. Quite often, recyclable material might be disposed of in the trash out of frustration or just the lack of space to store them. A compactor solves this problem. It can even reduce the number of times a recycling truck needs to travel to your location!